May Project – In the Hoop

Time flies, doesn’t it? Here we are in May already, wondering where the first part of the year has vanished. But with a new month comes a fresh and exhilarating challenge from our Creative Collective, and we’re thrilled to introduce it to all our craft-loving enthusiasts!

Be Inspired: The Embroidery Hoop Challenge

Have you noticed the resurgence of the classic embroidery hoop in crafting circles? This simple, yet remarkably versatile tool has captured the imaginations of crafters worldwide, sparking a wave of creative projects. This month, we’re inviting you to explore the boundless possibilities of the embroidery hoop. Whether you prefer them round or oval, large or small, we challenge you to unleash your creativity and craft something spectacular using an embroidery hoop.

How to Participate

Create and Captivate:
Start by letting your creativity run wild—stitch, paint, fabricate, upcycle—whatever inspires you. Once you’ve created your masterpiece, we want to see it!

Share Your Creation:
Snap a picture of your project and share it with our community. Upload your photo to the Creative Collective Flickr Group or post it on our Facebook Page. Seeing your project come to life and how you’ve utilized an embroidery hoop will surely inspire fellow crafters.

Describe Your Masterpiece:
In the comments or description fields of your post, don’t forget to detail the materials you used, the inspiration behind your project, and any challenges you faced. If you’ve documented your process in a tutorial, please share that as well! The more information you provide, the better others can follow in your footsteps, and your project may even be featured by other enthusiasts.

Weekly Engagement:
If you’re a blogger, join us every Wednesday for our Creative Collective Link Love post. Here, you can add your blog link and share updates or progress on your embroidery hoop project with the wider community.

Project Timeline:
You have until May 31 to submit your projects. After this date, we will highlight some of the exceptional creations from our community members on the Creative Collective Blog.

Looking for Inspiration or Support?

If you find yourself seeking inspiration or if you just want to discuss ideas and get feedback, join the Creative Collective Forum. It’s a vibrant space where like-minded crafters connect, share ideas, and encourage one another.

Ready, Set, Craft!

We are eagerly anticipating the innovative uses and transformations you will bring to the embroidery hoop. Let your imagination and crafting skills shine!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Handmade Originals: Ensure all submissions are handmade by you and incorporate an embroidery hoop.
  • Photo Permissions: By submitting your photos to our Flickr Group, you consent to their use on associated blogs. Ensure your photos are free from copyright restrictions.
  • Photo Submission Guidelines: Only submit photos relevant to this project. Unrelated submissions will be removed.
  • Image Credits: Always credit the source of any images used to promote this project. Failure to do so may lead to exclusion from future projects.

Spread the Word

Are you excited about this month’s project? Let everyone know by sharing this call to action on your blog. Simply copy and paste the code provided below onto your blog to spread the enthusiasm!

Get ready to transform a simple embroidery hoop into something extraordinary. We can’t wait to see the magic you create. Happy crafting!

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