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Let’s welcome Rhi from Hummingbird’s Song, a creative force of nature—part artist, part photographer, and full-time weaver of dreams. Today, she’s here to sprinkle a bit of her whimsical world into our lives with a tutorial that’s as delightful as it is simple. She’s a teacher by day and a crafting maestro by night, all while being a doting mother to her two-year-old “Little Lion”.

Today’s craft? Button and Bead Decorations—tiny treasures that dangle with joy and sparkle with personality. Rhi invites us to join her in a dance of creativity as we transform ordinary buttons and beads into extraordinary ornaments.

Crafting Ornaments with Heart and Art

Are you ready to thread a little enchantment? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Supple, bendable wire, like that used in jewelry or floral designs
  • Pliers or wire cutters to shape your dreams
  • Scissors to snip away the excess
  • A collection of buttons, diverse in size and hue, waiting to be repurposed
  • Beads that catch the light—and your fancy
  • Satin ribbon for a touch of elegance
  • Metallic ribbon to add that celebratory shimmer

The Magic Begins

Start by cutting a length of wire—this will determine the size of your ornament’s loop. Craft a small loop on one end; this is where the journey of your ornament begins.

Now, let your imagination take the lead. Thread buttons and beads onto the wire, forming patterns and sequences as unique as snowflakes. Once your wire is a tapestry of color and shape, secure the end through the loop and twist firmly to hold your creation together.

But wait, there’s more! Weave a satin ribbon into a hanging loop, so your decoration can twirl gracefully from the Christmas tree. Use metallic ribbon to tie a bow—this isn’t just decorative; it’s a clever disguise for the knot of the satin ribbon.

And Voila!

Your decorations are ready to be displayed! Hang them up and watch as they catch the light and the eyes of all who behold them.

A huge thank you to Rhi for sharing this beautiful and simple decoration tutorial with us. These button and bead creations are not just ornaments; they’re tiny emblems of the joy and beauty that handmade crafts bring to our lives.

Gather your crafting spirits and join us in this delightful endeavor to bedazzle our homes with ornaments that tell a story—one of laughter, love, and the joy of creating with our own hands. Let’s bring to life decorations that’ll sparkle through the season and beyond, a testament to the magic of creativity and the charm of the handmade.

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