February Project: Random Acts of Kindness

Unleash Kindness This February: Join the Creative Collective’s Random Acts of Kindness Project

This February, why limit the spirit of love to just those you know? In a world where disconnection often prevails, the Creative Collective invites you to spread warmth and kindness far beyond your immediate circle with our Random Acts of Kindness project. It’s a beautiful opportunity to bring joy to strangers and sprinkle a little magic around your community.

What’s the Idea?

Forget the traditional Valentine’s Day norms that focus exclusively on romantic love. We’re taking love to the streets, quite literally! We challenge you to design and distribute five postcards embedded with messages of love, support, hope, and inspiration. The twist? Leave these little treasures in random spots around your town or city, creating unexpected surprises for those who stumble upon them.

How It Works

  1. Create Your Message of Kindness:
    Start by downloading our specially designed postcard template from the Creative Collective Forum. No registration is needed, making it easy for everyone to participate.
  2. Design and Personalize:
    Once you’ve got your template, let your creativity flow. Decorate the blank side of the postcard with compelling visuals and heartfelt messages. Use the reverse side to write a personal encouragement and include the Creative Collective contact information. This allows the finder to connect back with our community and share their experience.
  3. Strategic Placement:
    With your five postcards ready, the real adventure begins. Place your cards in various locations throughout your area. Whether tucked inside a library book, left on a coffee shop table, or nestled in a park bench, each hidden spot is a chance to brighten someone’s day.

Share and Inspire

Don’t just leave your cards and forget them; we want to celebrate your creations and the joy they spread:

  • Document Your Journey: Snap a picture of each postcard in its hiding spot and upload it to the Creative Collective Flickr Group.
  • Provide Clues: In your photo description, give subtle hints (not exact locations) to help others find your postcards. Explain your creative process and the materials used, enriching the story behind each card.
  • Track Your Impact: As your cards are discovered and stories shared, they’ll be featured on our Creative Collective Blog, along with your clues and crafting tale.

Project Timeline

The Random Acts of Kindness project kicks off today and will run until February 28, 2021. At the end of the month, our founders will highlight their favorite projects, celebrating the community’s creativity and generosity.

Get Involved

Ready to spread kindness? Grab your crafting tools and join in. You can also show your participation by adding our project badge to your blog or website. Let’s make this February unforgettable with gestures that warm the heart and soul!

Guidelines for Participation

  • Handmade Only: Ensure all postcards are crafted by hand.
  • No Personal Info: Avoid including personal contact details on the cards.
  • Photo Rights: Submit photos without copyright restrictions to our Flickr Group.
  • Proper Credits: Always credit the source in promotions.
  • Relevance: Only submit photos pertinent to this project.

Embrace this chance to transform paper and paint into powerful messages of kindness. As you craft, remember: that each card is a ripple in the vast ocean of humanity, and with every ripple, we bring waves of change. Let’s craft, connect, and create a kinder world together.

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