snail mail ~ the june project

Prepare to be charmed by the nostalgia of receiving a handwritten letter or a carefully crafted parcel – we’re calling on all lovers of the analogue to reconnect in the most heartwarming way. This month, the Creative Collective presents the Snail Mail Swap, an initiative to sprinkle a little joy into mailboxes across the globe.

Rediscover the Art of Snail Mail

In a digital world where communication zips by at the speed of light, there’s something inherently special about the slow dance of snail mail. This month, we challenge you to pick up a pen, find some fancy paper, or craft something small yet significant to share with a creative soul somewhere out in the world. Whether it’s an artisanal bookmark, a handmade postcard, or a tiny trinket that whispers a story, your thoughtfulness is set to travel across oceans and continents.

Share the Joy of Giving (and Receiving)

Snap and Sneak Peek:
Before your creation starts its journey, capture a snapshot. Tease us with a sneak peek by uploading it to the Creative Collective Flickr Group or our Facebook Page. Let the anticipation build!

Bloggers Unite:
For the wordsmiths who document life’s little joys on blogs, make our Creative Collective Link Love your weekly haunt. Every Wednesday, link up and let the community in on your process, your send-offs, and the wonderful things you receive.

Need a Muse or a Chat?
If you’re scouring for inspiration or yearning for a chat with fellow craft-minded folks, the Creative Collective Forum is buzzing with ideas and conversations just waiting for you to join in!

Get Set, Swap!

Begin Now:
The clock’s ticking, and it’s time to put together something beautiful for your swap partner, who you’ll meet around June 15. We’re bubbling with excitement to see your creative magic!

Swap Essentials

Join the Swap Brigade:
Head over to swapbot and sign up to join our Snail Mail Swap brigade. New and seasoned swappers are all welcome to this rendezvous of mail artistry. Our password? ccsnailmail.

Support Handmade:
In tune with our love for all things handmade, we encourage creations from your own hands or sourced from artisans.

Embrace the Global Village:
Your creativity will travel to three partners across the globe. Keep your parcels enveloped-sized and ready to embark on an international voyage.

The Countdown:
The swap portal is open now, closing on June 14. All parcels should be postmarked by June 21. But why wait? Start sending early and fill our Flickr pool and Facebook page with postal love!

Photos and Permissions

Share with Care:
By sharing your photos with the Creative Collective Flickr Group, you grant us the permission to showcase them on associated blogs.

Free Your Photos:
Ensure your photos carry no copyright restrictions, granting us the freedom to feature them on our member blogs.

Show Your Participation

Spread the Word:
Flaunt your participation by adorning your blog with our swap buttons. Copy and paste the provided code in your blog’s sidebar and choose from sizes 125px or 200px.

As you put pen to paper or craft to envelope, remember you’re reviving an art form that brings out smiles and sparks connections. So join us as we traverse the globe through the humble postage stamp, and let’s fill this month with mail that’s worth the wait.

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