October Spooktacular

Ah, October! The month when the crisp air whispers of change, and even Down Under, we feel the ripples of Halloween excitement. Though we Aussies might not celebrate Halloween with the same gusto as some, it’s the perfect opportunity to gather the family for some frightfully delightful creativity.

Unleash Your Inner Ghoul with October’s Craft Challenge

Halloween conjures images of ghoulish figures, eerie spectres, and tales that send shivers down the spine. But it’s also a time when the northern hemisphere drapes itself in the gorgeous tapestry of fall – a palette of oranges, reds, and yellows. This October, let’s marry the peculiar with the picturesque. Envision jack-o’-lanterns aglow with mischief, leaves swirling in the autumn breeze, and crafts that encapsulate the essence of Halloween and fall.

Craft, Capture, and Contribute:

Craft Your Masterpiece:
Dive into your craft bins and pull out the ribbons, the papers, the fabrics. Carve, create, and craft something that celebrates Halloween’s whimsy or autumn’s majesty. Whether you’re stringing up ghostly garlands or fashioning felted acorns, your creation is your entry into this spectral season.

Capture Your Creation:
Once your masterpiece is complete, capture it in its best light. We’re talking high spirits and high resolution! Snap a photo that shows off all the spooky or splendid details.

Contribute to the Community:
Don’t let your craft haunt the corners of your home. Share it with our spirited community. Post your photos in the Creative Collective Flickr Pool or on our Facebook Page. And each Wednesday, weave your way to our blog to leave a link on the Creative Collective Link Post. Let’s build a crypt of creativity together!

Join the Halloween Hullabaloo:

  • Deadline to Bewitch: All projects must be finished and shared by the witching hour on October 31st.
  • Photo Permissions: By sharing your photos in the Creative Collective Flickr Group, you’re granting us the enchantment to use them on this blog and any other broomsticks…er, blogs…associated with this eerie endeavor.
  • Copyright Considerations: Please ensure the photos you submit are free from copyright chains. This allows our Creative Collective sorcerers to feature your images on their blogs without fearing the copyright trolls.

Spread the Spook:

Let the virtual world hear your Halloween howl! Share your participation with the living (and the undead if you must) by showcasing our project button on your blog. Just copy and paste the button codes we’ve conjured up for you.

A Cauldron of Creativity Awaits:

Whether Halloween to you means trick-or-treating antics, spine-tingling stories, or simply the joy of creating, this month’s challenge is your canvas. It’s not about the scare, it’s about the share; the laughter, the craftsmanship, and the memories made along the way.

So, ready your potions and pick your poison (craft supplies, we mean). It’s time to make some magic. Remember, the night is dark and full of… crafts. Stitch your story into the fabric of our Creative Collective this October, and let’s show the world how Aussies make Halloween a scream!

Happy Haunting and Happy Crafting!

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